For a family vacation in Bremen, you can't miss these top attractions.

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For a family vacation in Bremen, you can't miss these top attractions.

Bremen is a great destination for family holiday travel, offering unique attractions and plenty of outdoor activities. The top attractions to visit in Bremen include the Schnoor Viertel, Historische Altstadt, Zaubertheater Bremen, Marktplatz and Burgerpark. At the Schnoor Viertel visitors can explore the centuries-old buildings and discover their history. The Historische Altstadt is the city’s heart with its Old Town Hall, St. Petri Cathedral, and other amazing edifices. Zaubertheater Bremen is a popular spot for theater lovers while Marktplatz offers a small market selling meat, cheese and vegetables every Monday. Burgerpark is a beautiful park with night illuminations in some days of the year.

The most popular things to do in Bremen with kids include visiting the Rathaus (Town Hall), Town Musicians of Bremen (Bremer Stadtmusikanten), Universum Bremen, Dom St. Petri and Böttcherstraße. At Universum Bremen children can try touching different fields of science while at Dom St. Petri they can admire the beautiful architecture of this cathedral located right at Market Square. Lastly, Boettcherstrasse is an example of 20th century architecture that should not be missed during family travels in Parkhotel Bremen.


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